Please read this before purchasing a funeral plan with any Insurance company, as it could save you tens of thousands

Funerals PerthTo put it into simple terms a Prepaid funerals with a licensed Funeral Director is a funeral purchased in advance…… pay today’s prices with no price increase ever.

The type and style of funeral the client wants is documented in a written contract and paid for at today’s prices. The client will not have to pay any additional amount for the contracted funeral regardless of when the funeral is required. Payment of a Pre-Paid Funeral is invested with an independently managed funeral fund and is only released to the Funeral Director once the contracted funeral service is completed.

This allows you peace of mind in the fact that not only are your wishes respected in the way you would like your funeral to be arranged, but there are also no hidden costs for your loved ones.

Once a Prepaid funeral has been arranged all the hard work is done, then the information is forwarded onto a family member and when the time comes all they have to do is make a call to us.

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This is what you should know before you go out and purchase an Insurance Funeral plan offering to pay your funeral for the cost of a cup of coffee per day!

According to the study conducted by Rice Warner in September 2010, you could end up paying $85,099 in premiums for a $6000 funeral if you took out the policy at age 60 and did not die until you were 90.

And if, by chance, you were to miss out on making a payment at any stage, then all your previous premiums paid would be forfeited. In addition, if you were to die in the first 12 months, then the insurance would not pay out unless your death was accidental.

The initial premiums for funeral insurance may seem small at the start – as the mantra goes ‘less than the price of a cup of coffee a day’ – but they increase over time. However, some insurers provide cover for free beyond the age of 90 and others cut out the need to pay premiums even sooner.

The study showed that a 75 year old male would start to pay more than the funeral is worth after 6-7 years. For a 60 year old female, it would take 14-15 years, to reach this point but as the premiums grew, the actual cost would accelerate sharply.

Please note parts of this material originated from a study conducted by Rice Warner in 2010 and these results were not intended to prejudice any one insurance company as policies may be different on an individual basis.